Registrations for the 2018/19 season are now open!

Cricket for Junior Girls and Boys is all about giving young players an opportunity to play cricket with their friends in an active, fun and competitive environment.

The new formats give everyone an opportunity to bat, bowl and develop!

Junior Grades:

Our cricket experience is all about more fun, more action, more balls in play, and developing better skills. Games are fast, so you don’t have to lose your weekend. Whether you are new to cricket or a seasoned player Hibiscus Coast Cricket Club has what you need.

Exciting improvements for the 2018/19 season:

  • Fewer players 
  • Shorter games
  • Shorter pitches 
  • Reduced boundary sizes 
  • Ensure every player has more opportunities

Read about all the exciting new formats and playing conditions on the Auckland Cricket website.

Junior Playing Dates:

Check out the 2018/19 Junior playing dates.

Junior Fees:

HCCC Junior Membership Categories


Saturday Fun League - One Term, Half Season

 $       50

Saturday Fun League - Two Terms, Full Season

 $       70

Year 5

 $     150

Year 6

 $     150

Year 7 Saturday T20

 $     150

Year 7 Midweek T20

 $     110

Year 8 Saturday T20

 $     150

Year 8 Midweek T20

 $     110

Under 16 Midweek T20

 $     110

Under 19 Midweek T20

 $     110

Club of Origin Under 15

 $       65

Club of Origin Under 17

 $       65

Girls Under 11 and Under 13 Hardball Teams

 $       15

Boys and Girls Soft Ball Sixers Grades

 $       50

Boys and Girls Tennis Ball Carnivals

 $       30

* Note whilst we will try to accommodate everyone's first selection player availability may require us to make changes to the availability of some grades.

Junior Terms and Conditions 2018/2019

Hibiscus Coast Cricket Club enforces a no pay no play policy.  All Memberships must be paid in full prior to the first game of the season.  If you would like to pay directly to our Bank Account, please make arrangements with the Club Manager to have payments made in full prior to the 21st of October.

Bank Account Name:             Hibiscus Coast Cricket Club

Bank Account Number:         12-3046-0237170-00

Reference:                               Your Name

The club's aim is to provide opportunities for all players to participate in cricket at our club where possible.  We are therefore prepared to assist players/families should subscription costs create a barrier for players.  Please contact the club manager, in confidence, to discuss your situation and we will look into options to assist you.

  • All Junior memberships include $10 building levy and $5 North Harbour Levy
  • Any member who registers for 2 competitions will receive a 10% discount on overall subscriptions, any member who subscribes for 3 or more competitions will receive a 20% discount on overall subscriptions.  This discount is only valid at the start of the season at initial registration i.e. if you add a second competition later you will not receive the discount.
  • All memberships other than COO will receive a club cap as part of membership.
  • Health and Safety compliance requires all players to purchase their own abdominal protectors.  Girls Summer League and Superstar Cricket do not play with a hard ball so not required.
  • All members are required to purchase a club playing shirt except for Superstar Cricket where players receive a shirt for the season to be used then returned.
  • COO membership is to be paid in addition to any other membership if selected for this team.
  • Girls scholarship is limited to girls who register for Hardball Under 11 or Under 13 competitions

By registering I:

  • give permission for any images taken while playing or representing Hibiscus Coast Cricket Club to be used for Facebook and other promotional uses.
  • acknowledge that I have read and accepted the club’s code of conduct.
  • give permission for my child's name to be registered with North Harbour Cricket, Auckland Cricket Association and NZ Cricket databases.