Volunteers are the lifeblood of any community sports club, and HCCC has been fortunate to have many volunteers over the years ensure we have been able to function and grow our club.    

HCCC Governance Structure can be downloaded on this page. This document outlines how the club is organised and operates. There is a Board, which is responsible for the governance of the club, on which will sit one representative each from the junior and the senior clubs.  The junior and senior clubs will have their own operational meetings where their issues/opportunities are discussed and when appropriate brought forward to the Board for approval of any financial or strategic decisions. 

  • Board Members – President, Treasurer, Secretary, Junior and Senior Chairs, Club Manager (non voting).  
  • Junior and Senior Committees are run by chairs – operational committees.  Junior Committee has North Harbour Coordinator, Club Manager, Coaching Coordinator, and each age grade convener as members of that committee – others at the discretion of Junior Chair.  Senior Committee has coaches/managers/captains, Coaching Coordinator, Club Manager, and others at the discretion of the Senior Chair.
  • Metro Park Trustee - Metro Park is critical to the long-term viability of HCCC.  HCCC as one of the founding members of Metro Park provides one trustee to represent us and work with the Trust to achieve our combined strategic goals.

Club Manager - Gair McSkimming

President - Richard Casutt

Treasurer (and Metro Park Trustee) - Bill Hale

Secretary (and Metro Park Trustee)- Jeff Olufson

Senior Chair - 

Junior Chair - Amanda Cotterell 

North Harbour Representative - Roberto Coetzee 

Tim Simmons

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