ACA along with the club network are preparing for a full summer season. It is our intent to provide a safe environment for players, officials, and the community to enjoy their cricket first and foremost. This aligns with all planning to date, and we will work in collaboration with all stakeholders to mitigate any challenges posed throughout the season.

In addition to the above, we understand that there is the potential that COVID-19 restrictions may affect our summer. If this happens, we plan to provide guidance and advice to clubs to abide by all government, Sport NZ and New Zealand Cricket guidelines and protocols, so that we can operate in a safe environment whilst maximising playing opportunities.


ACA provides the below as a guide, however, is subject to change depending on Government advice:

  • Level 3 and 4: Under Level 3 and 4 no cricket activity is permitted, including playing of games, training, and workshops.
  • Level 2.5: Under Level 2.5 small group activity can take place, however, all protocols as per level 2 must be carried out plus no gatherings over 10. No ACA games will be permitted; however, clubs may carry out trainings if Ministry of Health and Sport NZ guidelines are followed.
  • Level 2: Under Level 2 all cricket activity can occur if Ministry of Health and NZ Cricket COVID19 guidelines are followed, including restrictions on mass gatherings (100), contact tracing and hygiene protocols. NZC has comprehensive Level 2 guidelines in place for all clubs (as below).
  • Level 1: Under Level 1 all cricket activity can occur if Ministry of Health and Sport NZ guidelines are followed, including contact tracing (QR code) and hygiene protocols (see appendix 1).

Appendix 1

Cricket Under Level 1 Auckland Cricket recommends that all clubs complete the following to ensure the members can enjoy their cricket whilst under Level 1.

  • Visible contact tracing posters with QR codes on the pavilion and indoor facility.
  • Set up a sanitising station at the club pavilion and encourage members to wash their hands regularly.
  • Ensure each team has access to hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes.
  • Keep up hygiene measures including wiping and disinfecting shared surfaces and encouraging members to sneeze and cough into their elbows.
  • Encourage members not to play if they have cold or flu like symptoms, and if so, call their doctor or Healthline to get tested.
  • Ensure if a member tests positive or is a close contact they contact the club as soon as possible and in-turn the club contacts Auckland Cricket.
  • Ensure members follow all Ministry of Health guidelines.

Auckland Cricket will continue to update their website with all relevant information, including links to NZC, Sport NZ and other websites, this can be found here.