ACA along with the club network are preparing for a full summer season. It is our intent to provide a safe environment for players, officials, and the community to enjoy their cricket first and foremost. This aligns with all planning to date, and we will work in collaboration with all stakeholders to mitigate any challenges posed throughout the season.

In addition to the above, we understand that there is the potential that COVID-19 restrictions may affect our summer. If this happens, we plan to provide guidance and advice to clubs to abide by all government, Sport NZ and New Zealand Cricket guidelines and protocols, so that we can operate in a safe environment whilst maximising playing opportunities.

Please see below from Auckland Cricket:

  • Public outdoor nets and artificial pitches are open but only for activities that meet the government protocols (no competition play) and all indoor venues must remain closed.
  • Do not share equipment, and no gatherings of over 10 people.
  • You can partake in a live net situation if you are with people from your bubble or household whilst maintaining a 2 metre distance from those not in your bubble/household.
  • You can partake in an organised fitness session (i.e., yoga, running, bootcamp – not cricket activity) of up to 10 people (including the trainer) from different households as long as you keep 2 metres and do not share equipment.
  • The only time that you can partake in a net situation (i.e., throwdowns or batting training) with people from outside your household is when it is in a one-on-one capacity with a professional coach and the batter hits the ball back to the coach with their bat (and maintains a 2 metre distance and does not share any equipment).  
  • Bowlers can bowl in a net situation with others from outside their household but must maintain a 2 metres distance from anyone else, not share a ball (or any other equipment) and there must not be a batter (unless they are from the same bubble as the bowler).
  • A coach can run a cricket session with more than one player as long as all players are from the same household, the coach does not share any equipment with the players and keeps a 2 metre distance at all times.
  • We were requested to clarify if cricket specific trainings falls under ‘outdoor fitness group’ at this stage it is our understanding and advice that team cricket trainings (i.e. nets or open wicket situations) are not permissible under the current Stage (regardless of if the coach is a professional or not).

Auckland Cricket will continue to update their website with all relevant information, including links to NZC, Sport NZ and other websites, this can be found here.

Last updated 20 October 2021