CricHQ Scoring details


HCCC will be using CricHQ for the scoring of all games this year. We recommend team coaches:

  • get a good understanding of the app (read the beginners guide to CricHQ)
  • set up teams/games before each Saturday (Section 1 of the beginners guide)
  • train as many parents as possible to score the game (Section 2 of the beginners guide)
  • be on standby to fix problems as they happen
  • finalise the results and upload to CricHQ

The benefits are results and statistics for all games will be published online for the whole club to see -- enabling the club to share on social media, in newsletters etc.

CricHQ capture scores in real-time with easy editing on the world’s favourite iOS or Android App:

  • Access or create your fixture at the ground.
  • Ball-by-ball score collation and editing.
  • Real-time performance analytics.
  • Manage rain-affected matches with official Duckworth-Lewis-Stern calculations.
  • Fast and easy upload of data.
  • Online submission of paper scoresheets.
  • Share results and statistics on social media channels.

Scoring has never been so fun or easy! Score on your tablet or mobile and engage your community with live updates straight to their device.

A beginners guide to scoring

Picking up a device for the very first time and starting to score a cricket match can be daunting, so CricHQ have made a beginners guide to help anyone looking to score on CricHQ for the first time. Checkout CricHQ's online beginners guide to scoring.


Most problems will need the match to be paused and the errors/balls deleted and re-entered correctly. We recommend scoring along-side the opposition scorer, so problems can be identified and corrected quickly (mistakes will happen!). 

CricHQ resources (seniors):